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a loose diamond to propose your lady love

  • A loose diamond to propose your lady love

Lately, it has become progressively popular among the new couples to experience the complete process of buying an engagement ring together. Right from selecting the diamond, to seeing the design being finalised, to various stages of building up the ring till completion, this is the best option of being sure that the couple is going to get the ring which they’ve always fancied.

Relax ladies and gentlemen; traditions are still alive! There are many of those men who always are old romantics at heart and desire to come up with that perfect, surprise fairytale proposal!

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If you are in dilemma of planning the ideal fairytale proposal while still wondering to have the perfect engagement ring, then we have a fabulous solution for you. A man would never want to see a look of disappointment wash over his lady love’s face after giving the engagement ring. Many of us are very well aware of just how certain particular women can be! If this sounds somewhat or exactly like you, then you should get down on one knee and propose to her with a loose diamond! No lady is going to be disappointed when presented with a sparkling and shining diamond! Many men have successfully gone with this option before.

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The best thing about proposing with a diamond is that you receive the best out of both worlds: the full of love, surprise proposal and then experiencing the journey of selecting the design and watching it come to life together. A lot of couples agree that designing a custom-made engagement ring together is seemingly the most romantic and soulful gesture of them all.

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