How important is the Carat Weight of a Diamond


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how important is the carat weight of a diamond

  • How important is the Carat Weight of a Diamond

You must have often heard about the “Carat” weight of a diamond, but have you ever wondered what is this carat thing, where has it come from and why is it important while purchasing a diamond?

Here we are sharing with you all the important aspects of Carat weight. What is it, how the word “carat” arrived et al…

carat weight of diamond

A carat is a unit of measurement, which is used to weigh a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.

The Difference in size of diamonds is clearly visible, even to the unprofessional and untrained eyes. Size of a diamond does matter. It is not, however, a measure of your love. Since large size diamonds are found rarely as compared to small size diamonds, the price of a diamond rises exponentially to its size.

The term “carat” is derived from the carob seeds that people once used in ancient times to balance scales. These little seeds are very much similar in shape and weight that even today’s sophisticated and accurate instruments cannot detect more than three one-thousandths of a difference between two of them.

Never confuse “carat weight” with karat.’ ‘Karat’ is the method of determining the purity of Gold.

A diamond’s carat weight is very momentous that even a minute contrast in weight can cause a noticeable difference in price. Therefore, every diamond is measured on the one-thousandth of a carat and rounded up to the nearest hundredth of a carat. For example, if a diamond is weighed at 1.788cts. it would be rounded up to 1.79cts  

We believe you have understood the meaning and importance of Carat Weight in Diamond Grading. To know more about Carat Weight in details you can go through the Education section of our website which is launching soon!!


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