Choose a perfect diamond Ring - 2


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choose a perfect diamond ring 2

  • Choose a perfect diamond Ring - 2

Now that you are done with first three important steps of buying a ring, here are following 4 steps to consider while making a right purchase of Ring.

4. Choose the Metal

It totally depends on your spouse’s and your personal taste these days. The glamour of platinum is in its durability and the platinum it forms with the period of time. The silky sheen of Platinum creates a mellow backdrop to the diamond, letting the stone’s brilliance shine through. It is also less likely to scratch as compared to gold, making it the most durable of all the fine jewellery metals. Gold, however, is the most malleable of all precious metals. For use in fine jewellery, gold is mixed with silver, copper, nickel and zinc to give it strength and durability for every-day wear.

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5. Decide upon the setting options

Always consider the wedding band and its appearance coupled with the ring before choosing the ring setting and the diamond to be mounted on that setting. There are generally three styles popular in the industry which include solitaire, a matching bridegroom set and a fancy setting with side stones.

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What makes a solitaire ring classic and timeless choice is its candour and chastity. Maximum light is allowed and stunning brilliance is emitted by the diamond when a solitaire diamond is set in four prong setting. While a six prong setting exposes less of the solitaire diamond but holds the diamond more securely.

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An ornamental setting with side stones adds a brilliant sparkle to your ring, complementing your centre diamond. The side stones are mounted evenly with the band in a bar setting, channel setting on its shank or with prongs.

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A bridal setting is generally an engagement ring setting and a matching wedding ring to create a uniform look and perfect fit. Bridal sets can come in classic solitaire settings or include diamonds. This also allows men to be more creative and personal in their own choice of a wedding band.

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6. Purchase your Ring

The jewellery buying experience is called best when it is pressure-free. Plan in advance so that you can have ample time to gain all the knowledge about diamond characteristics and quality which play an important role to influence its price. Always go for a comparable price to find the best value in your price range.  Certified diamonds that come with an independent, unbiased grading report from the GIA, AGS or IGI allow you to compare stones with similar carat weight and quality characteristics.

Very carefully learn about the return policy of your jeweller.

7. Ensure your Ring

The last and the most important step before slipping the diamond ring onto your beloved’s finger is to get your ring insured. We’re sure that you would definitely want to safeguard the ring. While the grading report for your diamond provides the important information about the characteristics of your diamond, you will also want to have the value of your ring appraised in order to establish insurance coverage. You may even want to consider re-appraising the ring every few years.


No go ahead with these important steps before making a purchase of engagement ring and marry the love of your life without worrying about the ring!!

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