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colours in diamonds

  • Colours in Diamonds

In our last blog, we’ve shared the importance of Carat Weight in Diamond grading.  Lets now talk about colours in diamond. Not every diamond is colourless. As a matter of fact, the majority of diamonds are not colourless. Colour is illustrated as pale yellow in a diamond. 

This is due to the presence of impurities or structural deformities present in diamonds, although purest diamonds are completely colourless and transparent which is extremely rare. That is why; the diamonds with least colour are graded higher on the colour grading scale.  After the cut, colour is commonly considered the second most prominent characteristic while buying a diamond. Apparently, Humans tend to detect the sparkle of a diamond before its colour.



A range of twenty-seven colours is used by the professionals i.e. yellow, steel grey, blue red, orange, green, pink, purple, brown as well as black. All these colours come in different shades from dark to light. The rarest among all diamond colours are red diamond apart from white. There are two sections of diamond colours; one is natural colours and the other is the fancy colour which you can read in our fancy colour diamonds section.

Diamond D-to-Z colour-grading scale by G.I.A. is the industry’s most broadly accepted grading system.  This scale begins with letter D, defining colourless and persists with increasing presence of colour, to Z. This measures the colourlessness by analysing the diamond under measured lighting and meticulous viewing conditions to master diamonds of established colour value.


Most of these colour acumen are so complex that they can easily deceive the untrained eyes, yet these acumens present a huge difference in diamond quality affecting their prices.  At GemTove you’ll find the finest diamonds with the grading from D to J.  The J graded and better diamonds are nearly colourless or with colour that is most often undetected by the untrained eye.

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