What are Cultured Fresh Water Pearls?


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what are cultured fresh water pearls?

  • What are Cultured Fresh Water Pearls?

The pearls that are artificially created and farmed with the help of freshwater mussels are called cultured freshwater pearls. These pearls crop up in an expansive variety of colours, shapes and sizes. As freshwater pearls are generally solid in nacre and resist wear, degeneration and chipping, they are mostly a durable pearl option. And that is why freshwater samples remain to be popular choices in pearls

To irradiate and treat freshwater pearls is the widely accepted practice in order to obtain a certain desired colour. It is very important to understand while selecting coloured pearls whether its colour is natural or the outcome of some post-harvesting treatment. The pearl would be offered at lowest cost if its colour is created with any type of treatment.

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Cultured freshwater pearls’ quality is evaluated through a grading system of a series of A values which is based on lustre, surface, shape, colour, colour and matching.

Such kinds of pearls are generally produced on a limited scale in the United States and Japan but are now exclusively produced in China.

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