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diamonds for the april month borns

  • Diamonds for the April Month

Hurray Hurray! Here’s good news for you! You are really lucky if your loved one is born in April, as you would never have to worry about the gift ideas! Diamond other than being a girl’s best friend is also the April Month’s birthstone! So beautiful jewellery of diamond as a gift will be forever cherished. Across the years she will cherish her treasured jewel with care and love, recollecting the memories of all the moments you’ve shared and the years celebrated together.

Diamonds - april born

Each of the birthstones has meaning and carries legendary tales and mythologies. What is the purpose of a Diamond? Diamonds are traditionally, and in fact, today are a sparkling symbol of love. But if you turn back the pages of ancient times, the mythology represents other ideas of diamonds and their uses. As per the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Diamonds were believed to be the tears fallen from Gods or the remnants of collapsing stars. Diamonds were also supposed to ward off danger, and middle-aged people thought that diamonds also have healing properties.

As we can see diamonds have always been treasured as one of the most precious and beautiful creations on earth which also makes them most sought after and prized possessions among humans. That is why diamonds are considered as the most precious, attached with emotions and sentimental gift.  A gift of diamond can never disappoint, be it mounted on a ring, hanging from earrings or studded in a necklace.

At Gemtrove we carry a mesmerising range of ready-made diamond jewellery and fancy coloured gemstone jewellery for the perfect last minute gift ideas, or if you have time, we can customise truly delighting diamond jewellery pieces like rings, earrings, necklace, pendant, bangles and bracelets.

Here are few of the fascinating diamond jewellery pieces to inspire you

Diamond Ring with a Twist

Diamond Ring with a Twist

Brilliant, dazzling Bracelet Diamonds for the April

Stunning Diamond Studs

diamond earrings

Classic Diamond Hoops

Classic Diamond Hoops

Princess Pendant

Princess Pendant

Pear drop Diamond Necklace

Pear drop Diamond Necklace



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