Evaluate the components of Diamond Cut


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evaluate the components of diamond cut

  • Evaluate the components of Diamond Cut

The updated system of diamond cut evaluation is based on seven major components, out of which the first three are visual and the other four are physical.

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The Visual Criteria for evaluating the cut is determined by following components


  1. ScintillationThese are the tiny little areas of light in polished diamonds that flash on and off as the diamond, observer or lighting is moved. However, the negative scintillation effects are determined by dark centres, dark upper girdles and windowing.
  2. Pattern The arrangement of light and dark areas that result from internal and external reflections are called patterns.
  3. Contrast The contrast in diamond is the relief of dark and light areas that create a diamond’s face-up pattern.


Physical Components of a diamond cut evaluation are:


  1. Weight RatioA comparison of the weight of a diamond in relation to its diameter is determined as the weight ratio.
  2. DurabilityThis covers inclusions that weaken a gem as well as thin girdles of a diamond.
  3. PolishThe criteria here remains the same, acknowledging the overall quality of the polish, nicks, scratches, chips, etc.
  4. SymmetryThis refers to the outline of the diamond, facet arrangement and pointing, table and culet centring.

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