Important Tip for buying an Excellent Cut Grade Diamond


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important tip for buying an excellent cut grade diamond

  • Important Tip for buying an Excellent Cut Grade Diamond

A Diamond’s cut is graded in the classes starting from Excellent to Poor quality. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades the cut of a diamond in following grading qualities;

  1. Excellent (the best grade)
  2. Very Good
  3. Good
  4. Fair
  5. Poor (the worst grade)


Excellent Grade has the highest scintillation, best brilliance and a uniform pattern of dark and light areas of the diamond.

Important Tip for buying an Excellent Cut Grade Diamond

It was earlier considered that approximately the top 20% of gemstones received an excellent cut grade, but these days, with slight updates in GIA’s grading scale, this figure is closer to the top 40%, as an excellent cut grade’s parameters are widening.

The diamond grading laboratories like Google would never inform you when they move them. You just have to be aware and educated of what an ideal cut diamond looks like. Where you are positioned in this spectrum will not only be seen in the diamond’s brilliance but also the price of the diamond. Make sure that when you purchase a diamond, online or in person, you are not paying for a top 10% cut grade diamond, when you are going to get a high 30% cut grade.

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