Gemstones and precious stones are scared of hits


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gemstones and precious stones are scared of hits and cosmetics

  • Gemstones and precious stones are scared of hits and cosmetics

Jewellery is one accessory that has been worn since the beginning of time, loved by everyone no matter you are a man or a woman.  Jewellery always looks more attractive when it is clean. Generally, gold and silver jewellery can be maintained and taken care of easily but when your jewellery includes gemstones special care is advised because gemstones and precious stones are scared of hits and cosmetics.

This is true especially in the case of gemstones of organic origin, such as pearls, amber, coral, nacre and jade. These gemstones are very soft and delicate, so they are scratched very easily. In fact, all other natural stones are also sensitive to chemical exposure.

It is always recommended to protect your jewellery from any kind of contact with cosmetics, medicines, detergents, perfumes and other aggressive substances. Often, most naturally produced stones have minute crevices on their surface which are normal and even adds intensity to certain kinds of jewellery. However, crevices weaken gemstones. Even with a slightest hitting gemstones may get crashed.


Gemstones and precious stones


diamond rings cleaning

While cleaning your jewellery with gemstones studded into it, you should look at what type of gem you’re cleaning.  Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other transparent gems can be cleaned with dish soap, warm water and a toothbrush.  Besides, the gems those are soft like turquoise, jade, amber should never be cleaned with soap but only a wet lint-free cloth and then set aside to dry.  Always tore your gemstones in separate jewellery boxes and bags to prevent future dirt build-up and damage.


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