The secret of colour green in Emerald


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the secret of colour green in emerald

  • The secret of colour green in Emerald

The Emerald stone comes with many unique properties, but if we go with the views of colour gemstone professionals, emeralds, almost all, are just about colour. Emerald, since years, has been a standard identifier of green colour in gemstones.

In other colour stones, a well trained professional eye is needed to recognise even the most subtle variations that make some difference in emerald value, which is particularly important in the higher quality gemstones.

Emerald colours which are most desired in jewellery market are bluish green to pure green, with vivid colour tone and saturation that is not very much dark. Emeralds which are highly transparent would be the most prized ones. Colour in such emeralds is evenly distributed, with no colour zoning visible to eyes. If the hue of a stone is very much yellowish or very much bluish, then the stone is not emerald, but some other variety of beryl, whose value will drop accordingly.

emerald ring

The intensity of colour green in the finest emeralds might not be paralleled by any other thing in nature.
Iron, vanadium and chromium are the trace elements that cause colour in Emerald stone. The presence or absence of each and their relative amounts determine the exact colour of an emerald crystal.

The mine location of emerald also affects the quality and appearances of emerald. Emeralds found in Colombian mines are said to have more intense, warmer and pure green colour, on the other hand, Emeralds at Zambian mines are said to have a cooler and more bluish green colour. Even though these theories are fairly considered, the truth is that emerald appearance overlaps between sources.

If you wish to learn more about emerald and its properties, you can log onto our website and know all the detailed information on Emerald in our education section. You can also check out the precious stone jewellery for weddings, engagements and other special occasions.

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