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how to create your perfect jewel piece

  • How to Create Your Perfect Jewel Piece

It is really simple. By following three easy steps you can create you're own customised, full of your emotions and close to your heart beautiful jewellery that is personalised for any occasion. And, in case you need any advice in between, our expert gemologists are just a call away to guide you 365 X 24 X 7 through our collection and design processes.


Do you fancy jewellery shopping without pressure, without any judgement and absolutely on your terms? Then you are in a right place. Take your time out and explore the GemTrove where emotions are captured in our hundreds of styles to define your unique personality. Be it a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, or earrings we have the perfect design for you.


Once you are done with the selection of one of our intricate designs, make it yours. With a few clicks, customise the type of metal and the gemstones to create a dynamic piece that captures your personal story or inspiration. Then, right in front of your eyes watch your own customised jewellery appear!


Once your jewellery is absolutely the way you want it, purchase and owns it to discover what it likes is to have a custom-made piece. Your own designed jewel piece will be whisked away to one of our artisans right here in Australia, to be crafted by hands and hearts especially for you. Once your heirloom-quality jewellery is complete to be worn, it will be shipped right to your doorstep to see your joy and happiness of accomplishment.

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Isn’t it a wonderful journey of designing your personalised jewellery straight from your heart? The wait will be over soon and you would be able to design your customised jewellery from GemTrove. The website is coming soon!!


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