How inclusions affect the quality of Emerald Gemstone


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how inclusions affect the quality of emerald gemstone

  • How inclusions affect the quality of Emerald Gemstone

Emeralds are very precious stones and most often carry inclusions which can be visibly seen by the untrained eyes. Due to this, the gemstone traders and some buyers fathom and approve of the presence of inclusions in emeralds. It is universally accepted that crystal clean emeralds are extremely valuable because of their rarity.

Emerald inclusions are generally addressed as garden-like or looking mossy. Besides, inclusions are also referred to as “Jardin,” which means ‘garden’ in French.


Transparency and clarity are closely linked to coloured gemstones which are particularly true for emeralds. The trade generally accepts eye-visible inclusions in higher-quality emeralds. But if the inclusions cause a negative effect on transparency and clarity, the value of such emeralds reduces dramatically.

A classification service for emerald clarity treatments was offered by GIA Laboratory in early 2000. A loose stone is examined by the laboratory and an Emerald Report is provided that includes a digitally generated colour image of the stone taken at the time of its examination. That report describes the level of clarity enhancement as minor, moderate, or significant.

The GIA Laboratory especially indicates that the report uses the classification system only to evaluate the treatment’s level, and not to offer a complete clarity grade for the gemstone.

How inclusions affect the quality of Emerald Gemstone

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