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keep a check on your engagement ring budget

  • Keep a check on your Engagement Ring Budget

It is universally proven that an engagement ring is the first on the list of wedding expenses and if your wedding is scheduled for just upcoming future, it is obvious that you need to be more conscious about how much you are going to part with!

If you have already decided to spend a huge amount, then rest assure that it is not necessary to spend overwhelming amounts to grab an extraordinarily beautiful ring. To make sure you do not dig a big hole in your pocket while purchasing an engagement ring read our tips on how to keep your budget on track

  1. Set a decent budget. This is a very crucial part! And if you don’t want to blow the budget then take out time to work out a budget that is realistic.
  2. Research. It may be hard to decide how much you should spend without having the knowledge of how much an engagement ring can cost. It is always advisable to do a little research before deciding upon your budget. You may consult your married friends about how much they spent on their engagement ring, research prices online.
  3. Compare. While you browse through engagement rings online, it is always important to be sure of comparing “apples with apples”.  If you find an engagement ring or diamond that sounds too attractive to be true, then there may be chances that it is.
  4. Express your budget. It is entirely up to you if you are willing to reveal your budget when visiting jewellery shops at the beginning of your hunt. But know that by expressing your budget, or an approx. Figure you are making it easy for your jeweller to design and come up with gorgeous diamonds or gemstones within your budget.
  5. Refrain from temptation. If you are lured to view a little larger or more expensive stone, then it suggested resisting. Diamonds are gorgeous, and their dazzling brilliance is very difficult to say no to!
  6. Look out for Alternatives. If you have your heart set on a larger centre stone but unable to afford the price tag of a diamond, then you may consider coloured gemstones for the centre stone.



It is, moreover, very important to remember that engagement ring shopping should be a fun activity! Deciding a budget will take some of the stress out. And remember, no matter how small or big your budget is, a beautiful ring is always possible!!

Engagement Ring Budget

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