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diamonds for the proposal

  • Diamonds for the proposal

The most difficult task, is to satisfy the clients who want to surprise their beloved with an engagement proposal, is to present them a design in the ring which she will love forever, decide on a shape of diamond she’ll cherish and the proposal shall look romantic.

Diamonds for the proposal

Often it is not possible to manage all three things at the same time, which is why at GemTrove we have introduced an easy and interesting solution which has eventually become a practical answer to a very crucial issue.

We suggest that you propose your girl with a diamond. Yes, we mean that the only rock part really is to see and check which diamond shape she would love. This can be done very subtly indeed and most of the times don’t even involve the assistance and secrecy of her best mate.

In order to make your engagement proposal experience more cherished one and successful we suggest you drop into our website and also come for an appointment so that we can browse through some loose diamonds. After an educational session on diamonds and their qualities, and you’ve decided on a right stone, we will then pack the diamond in a secure box and there you go. It’s that easy, isn’t it?

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