The uniqueness of Princess cut Diamond


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the uniqueness of princess cut diamond

  • The uniqueness of Princess cut Diamond

Someone said “Each diamond has its own story and each woman has her own style” Who said this is not really important, but what said is absolutely correct and apt!!

No wonder Diamonds are the darling of girls. They are, since years, winning hearts in all shapes, cuts and sizes. So be it a simple round cut or the dramatic heart cut, a diamond is something every girl falls for.

Today we would take you closer to the beauty of the World’s most popular fancy diamond cut, and that is “Princess Diamond Cut”. Re-created by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in the year 1980, the Princess cut fancy diamond is very much preferred in engagement rings and wedding bands.  Princess cut diamond, like round cut diamond, is an ideal choice in rings because of its shape that fixes in almost all styles of rings.


Princess cut diamonds generally have around 57 facets, and due to the presence of extra facets, these cuts tend to disperse more light through the gemstone, which also helps in hiding inclusions effectively, making it the most sparkling and brilliant among other square and rectangle shaped diamonds. As compared to other square cuts, the princess cut comes the nearest to achieving the brilliance and fire of a round diamond, making it a perfect blend of sparkling appearance, unique shape and relative price value.

Princess cut Diamond ring

The Princess cut diamond is also considered as the best stone for wedding bands because the diamonds can be fixed beside each other without any gaps, making it perfect for an eternity band too.  Moreover, the princess is an ideal cut to adorn long fingers due to its sharply squared corners.Princess cut diamond


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