Round or Square - Which Diamond Cut Looks Bigger?


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round or square - which diamond cut looks bigger?

  • Round or Square � Which Diamond Cut Looks Bigger?

There has always been a debate about princess cut diamond and round cut diamond that which diamond shape among the two looks the biggest? Have you ever wondered if a 2 carat round brilliant cut diamond looks bigger than a 2-carat princess cut diamond? We often come across the query from our clients at Gemtrove whether square or round shape diamonds look bigger. Often brides-to-be are concerned about the size of the diamond when they are about to begin the journey of picking their ideal diamond engagement ring. It is obvious that the sparkle and fire of a diamond are important, but the physical size of the diamond plays a prominent role in your decision-making process before getting engaged.

The Diamond Geometry

Further, you would learn from the formulae for the surface area of princess cut diamond of 1.00 carat versus a round brilliant cut diamond of same- 1 carat.

The surface area of a square is measured in length x width. square = a2

For a 1-carat ideal cut princess cut, it would be – 5.5 x 5.5 = 30.25

The surface area of a circle is measured in = πr 2

For an ideal cut round brilliant cut diamond of 1 carat with a 6.5mm spread – 3.252 x 3.14 = 33.16

According to this generalised analysis of the two alter stones we can see that the round brilliant cut diamond is almost 10% bigger in surface area than the princess cut diamond of same carat weight. However, this doesn’t take into account the outcome of the claws; if we take it at face value, apparently it seems the round brilliant cut is on the winning side of the size debate. On the contrary, if you assumed the diagonal measurement of a princess cut in 1 carat, it would measure approximately 7.7mm, which is more than 1mm wider than a 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond.

Therefore at times, when deciding which diamond cut among the two- round and a princess is bigger, it honestly depends on how the diamond appears in the flesh.

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