How to save money on your engagement ring


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how to save money on your engagement ring

  • How to save money on your engagement ring

Think, and you’ll find many ways to save some extra bucks on your engagement ring, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune. Here we are putting together some tried and tested ways to save money our engagement ring.


First thing is first: first of all plan a realistic budget and make sure to stick to it! This will stop you from being tempted by un-affordable options and make the shopping experience a lot easier than the unplanned one.


Custom design your engagement ring. It is a misconception that the custom designing of the engagement ring is the most expensive option. This is not the case at all. In fact, by custom designing, you can work with your jeweller to come up with a design to suit your desired budget.

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You cannot settle down on a small centre stone; bigger is better! If these sound exactly like you, then you might consider alternative shapes of diamonds. Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are still the most popular and therefore priced at a premium. A less popular shaped diamond such as a PrincessCushion or Oval could help you able to afford a larger stone for the almost equivalent amount of money spent on a Round Brilliant diamond.

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A favourite colour gemstone! If you fall for coloured gemstones, then here’s good news for you! A coloured gemstone instantly brings down the price of your engagement ring which also indicates that you can easily afford a larger gemstone ring. If you are still looking for some extra sparkle, you can add small diamonds into the shank or the halo of your engagement ring. Or if it is difficult to resist the look of a white diamond, then you can consider a White Sapphire. A White Sapphire is a fabulous alternative to the diamond to achieve the similar look.

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Choose your metal wisely! Platinum is considered the best option for engagement rings, but this is the most expensive metal to add more weight to your engagement ring budget. Besides, 18-carat White Gold is another metal option for an engagement ring that comes at a lower cost. If you are choosing White Gold, then you should check your jewellers follow up service because White Gold requires Rhodium plating to give it the shining white lustre that is preferred by all. Depending on how your ring wears it may require being re-polished every 12 – 24 months and can cost somewhere around $100 each time.

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