The Full Eternity Ring


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the full eternity ring

  • The Full Eternity Ring

The Full Eternity Ring

Eternity rings recently have become more and more popular, and for good reason. More than just a ring, an eternity ring tells the lady that she is being loved forever. The diamonds studded all the way round on the ring symbolises a continuous circle of love that never ends. Eternity Ring is a lady’s ring which is worn on the same finger where engagement ring and wedding band is worn. It is a band comprising of a continuous line of gemstones or diamonds to symbolise eternal love.

Usually gifted by a husband to his wife on a significant anniversary, a special occasion or at the time of child birth, eternity rings come in two different types- full eternity ring and standard eternity ring.

eternity ring

Generally the ring that goes all the way round with a continuous line of gemstones or diamonds is a full eternity ring. Channel set full eternity rings are the most preferred style of eternity rings as they hold the diamonds very securely. In such type of style the brilliant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are considered the best as they set very well in the claws of metal.

The Full Eternity RingWe are sure you are already planning for a special moment to give your wife an eternity ring, followed by a lifetime of memories, love and togetherness!! Let us help your search the best one for her..



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