Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds For Responsible Retail

Wear our luxury jewellery with peace of mind. As a responsible diamond retailer, all our diamonds are ethically sourced and certified.

Conflict diamonds, commonly known as blood diamonds, are stones that have been mined and sold under un-ethical standards. For decades conflict diamonds had been garnered through unacceptable working conditions and then sold to fund war efforts.

To alleviate the corrupt selling of diamonds, we ensure all our loose diamonds come from trustworthy dealers. At GemTrove we practice the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process is an International program that tracks and certifies diamonds. Through this documentation a retailer warrants that their merchandise is obtained through legal methods.

Our No Conflict Diamond Policy

We have a strict No Conflict Diamond Policy at GemTrove. All the suppliers we work with must provide us with records of their products.  Our entire loose diamond collection can be traced back to the original source.

Every loose diamond we have at GemTrove complies with the Kimberley Process. Each diamond has all the required documentation. Our rigorous policy of diamond sourcing allows us to offer you high-grade and conflict-free diamonds.

Sustainable Practice For A Better Future

As a renowned Melbourne wholesaler, GemTrove joins other diamond retailers in their effort to eradicate illegal diamonds. In the diamond wholesaler community, we strive to meet the highest environmental, social, and human rights standards possible.

We only maintain partnerships with professional mining and cutting manufacturers. Together we hope to eliminate the use of conflict diamonds worldwide.

Visit our Melbourne store today to view our luxury range of conflict-free diamonds. For more information about our No Conflict Diamond Policy contact one of our friendly staff. You can call us on (03) 9663 9001. Alternatively, send any questions to our email:

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Jacinta Salomon

Can not thank Raj and his excellent service enough! He listened to my ideas and together we designed my perfect engagement and wedding ring. He was always flexible with his time and the little gift at the end added such a personal touch! Thank you for making the whole experience enjoyable! We would definitely recommend your services and beautiful diamonds to all our friends and family!

Jacinta Salomon-Melbourne -VIC

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