Conflict Free Diamonds

The term conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds, first originated during the Angolan Civil War to describe the mining and selling of diamonds on the market to fund a war effort. These diamonds were mined under some of the worst conditions imaginable for those that were forced to do so, largely without any reasonable remuneration.

The practice and use of conflict diamonds continued throughout the decades, coming to a head during the Sierra Leone civil war of the latter 1990’s. This frighteningly increasing trend of conflict diamonds emerging more and more on the world’s markets led to what we now know as the Kimberley Process, which sought to eliminate the trading of these stones altogether.

Whilst the Kimberley Process and its work has been honourable, it is a difficult job to make sure that the trading of conflict diamonds is finally brought to a halt, once and for all. At GemTrove, we hold a very strict, no-conflict diamond policy, and stand alongside the Kimberley Process and the efforts undertaken to remove conflict diamonds from our markets.

All of the diamonds that we sell are traced back to their mine source; if they don’t have such records, then we don’t want to deal with them. Our suppliers themselves also strive to meet the highest of environmental, social, and human rights standards that are possible. This too can be said for our partners, affiliates, and member organisations.

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