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Retro Jewellery Collection


As you touch these jewels
They hold your hand softly
To take you back to the world
Where bold and beautiful lived
Dreamy in style, the collection is a bold interpretation of old fashion.
Our creation
Echoing a distinct air of history, the Retro Collection by GemTrove dictates the romance and thrill of the dated period. As the glamour and glitz of passé era favoured imposing and sassy designs, artisans of GemTrove melodically crafted period inspired retro jewellery collection, engagement jewellery with alluring diamonds, pristine metal and evocative artistry to provides an escape into a world of romance and fantasy that was “larger than life.”
Design Philosophy
The bright, bold and oversized sum-up the spirit of the Retro era. To ignite the passion for same elaborated shiny reflections, our technicians designed the Retro collection. Featuring a unique period inspirited designs, the collection embraces cultured work that manifests mélange of futuristic vision with elements influenced by precedent age.
As characterised by big, bolder and more whimsical, the retro collection by GemTrove offers an impressive assortment of beautiful bold and scintillating styles; engagement jewellery galvanised into retro style. From high quality sparkling rings to stunning earrings. Engagement jewellery to flamboyant pendants, the retro pieces make a bold, sophisticated statement. Evoking the romanticism and elegance of the days gone by, enchanting retro styled jewellery with its dramatic look makes a perfect gift to make every special moment of life a memento of everlasting love with a touch of old world charm.

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