Vintage Jewellery Collection, wedding & engagement rings


Presenting Our Vintage Collection 


A collection that emulates the purity and grace of the past epoch.


Woven in these pretty jewels
Are the winds of the times of yore
To come to you and softly whisper
We are here now and will stay forever
Our creation-
When the timeless diamonds are surrendered to GemTrove’s proficient artisans to stage the glamour, style and beauty of the bygone era, the exquisite Vintage Collection is laid out. Inspired by the brilliance of vintage elements, the collection is dramatic and one-of-a-kind. To bring alive the charm and sophistication of the epoch, each piece of jewellery in the captivating vintage collection is a harmonious collaboration of unique design, fine artistry, luminous diamonds and enduring metal. Drenched in the regal aura with articulate patterns, the collection captures the heart in the first glimpse. 
Design Philosophy -
As the beauty and value of antiques grow to last a lifetime, the vintage collection makes the same commitment to live through ages and accentuate the beauty of women at every single moment. The bygone era was a period of compassionate and respectable women, who had an eye for finely detailed jewellery with exemplary aesthetic value. Illustrating the same refined taste, the legendary vintage collection unites delightful elements to craft intricate jewellery pieces matching the sensibility of urban matrons of todays. Each piece of jewellery in the captivating vintage collection is thoughtfully created and mastered to flawless design and gleaming splendour to dazzle every woman.
Boast of refined design, subtle style and immaculate finish; the Vintage collection bears a sentimental connotation to make your wedding proposal, anniversary, valentine or any occasion delightfully unforgettable. Wish for the alluring ring, pendant, wedding & engagement rings, necklace or earrings, the brilliant vintage collection offers an extensive range of opulent jewellery pieces to choose from to treat you with or gift someone special uniquely special bling. 

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