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Emerald cut diamonds are renowned for its rectangular shape. The emerald cut diamond’s distinct shape is a kind of step cut; a cutting style that has narrow facets in rows running parallel to the girdle on both the crown and pavilion. Because of its unique cut emerald shape stones create a hall-of-mirrors effect.

Basic Emerald Cut Diamond Anatomy

A traditional emerald cut has 58 facets divided around the bevel of the crown. Each cut varies from nearly square to a narrow rectangle. A classic L/W ratio of an emerald cut diamond is around 1.40 - 1.50 for narrow cuts and 1.00 - 1.03 for square cuts.

The emerald cut is best observed through its purity and colour. Because of the emerald cut’s large facets body colour is easier to see. As a rectangular shape, lighting acts differently within the emerald cut stone. Instead of fire and brilliance, the emerald cut diamond harnesses light through a mirror-like effect. The mirror effect has light, and dark planes interact with each other to create dramatic flashes of light that give the emerald cut its extravagant look.

Diamond anatomy is defined by its Table, Depth, Girdle, Culet, and L/W Ratio. An emerald cut has these approximate dimensions:


Table %

The percentage of the diamond that the table takes up.



Depth %

The depth percentage of the lower part of the diamond.




The ideal thickness of the diamond’s girdle.


Very Thin to Slightly Thick


Whether or not a cutlet cuts into the bottom is ideal.



L/W Ratio

The ration of the diamond’s length and width.

Rectangular 1.40 - 1.50



1.00 - 1.03




Depth %

Poor/Fair: <52.5 or > 80 / 74.6 - 80

Good: 57 - 59 / 71- 74.5

Very Good: 58-61/67.4-70.1

Excellent: 61.3 - 67

Table %

Poor/Fair: <50 or >80/50-52.5 or 75.5-80

Good: 53-57/74

Very Good: 58-61/71

Excellent: 62-70


Poor/Fair: Very Large/Large

Good: Slightly large

Very Good: Medium/Very Small

Excellent: None


Poor/Fair: Ex. Thin – Ex. Thick

Good: Very thin - thick

Very Good: Very thin - slightly thick

 Excellent: Very thin - slightly thick

Length to Width Ratio for Square Shape

Poor/Fair: >1.09 /1.07-1.09

Good: 1.05-1.06

Very Good: 1.00-1.04

Excellent: 1.00-1.04

Length to Width Ratio for Rectangular Shape

Poor/Fair: >1.90 /1.81-1.90

Good: 1.20-1.29/1.63-1.80

Very Good: 1.30-1.38/1.51-1.70

Excellent: 1.39-1.50

Learn more about diamond anatomy here.


Despite a lower grading in fire and brilliance, an emerald cut’s stylish mirror effect is what makes it so popular. Many emerald cuts come with a cutlet, but those without have greater value. Emerald cuts are bold and regal, suiting engagement rings, earrings and other custom-made jewellery.

Emerald Cut History

The emerald cut diamond was developed to enhance the quality of the gemstone of the same name. Emerald cut diamonds have been theorised by diamond experts to have begun as a refined version of the table cut around the 16th century.

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