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Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds


The classic round cut diamond is the most popular shape of diamond available. Round cut diamonds account for 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide. The cut itself is renowned for its potential for maximum fire, brilliance and overall diamond grading quality. Round cut diamonds set the standard for other diamond cuts available.

Basic Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anatomy

Almost all round cut diamonds are brilliant-cut. The popular round shape has 58 facets (or 57 without a cutlet).

Round cut diamonds have such distinct cut measurements to maximise its fire and brilliance. The round cut stone has a unique L/W ratio, which is 1.00 - 1.02, but stricter factors can indicate the ideal round cut needs to have a 1.00 - 1.01 L/W ratio. Even the angle of the crown can be crucial to its value, with the preferred degree being 34° to 34.9°.

Each facet is designed to reflect the most fire and shine throughout the diamond. When you look into a brilliant round cut diamond you can see a rainbow effect, acting like a prism.

Table, Depth, Girdle, Culet, and L/W Ratio define a diamond’s anatomy. A round cut diamond consists of the following approximate measurements:

Table %

The percentage of the diamond that the table takes up.



Depth %

The depth percentage of the lower part of the diamond.




The ideal thickness of the diamond’s girdle.


Thin to Slightly Thick


Whether or not a cutlet cuts into the bottom is ideal.



L/W Ratio

The ration of the diamond’s length and width.



Round Brilliant diamonds

Learn more about diamond anatomy here.

Due to the popularity and versatility of round cut diamonds, they are available in every kind of fine jewellery. Loose round cut diamonds look stunning as stand-alone diamonds in settings, or create the ultimate luxury aesthetic when banded together with other diamond cuts. Round engagement rings are amongst one of the most popular round cut settings.

The History Of Round Cut Diamonds

The evolution of the round cut diamond has become the cornerstone of diamond education. Round cuts can be traced back to the 14th century as the first type of point cut. Since then it has been revered by gemologists, scientists and jewellery enthusiasts alike as the poster-image of diamonds.

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