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Essential Diamond Care And Maintenance


Diamond jewellery is renowned for its sparkle and shine. To maintain its immense beauty and vibrancy your diamond requires meticulous care. Caring for your diamond jewellery will help preserve it's high-quality.

There are various ways to take care of your diamond jewellery. From proper cleaning to storage it’s easy to get lost in all the various ways of maintaining your jewellery. At GemTrove we can assist you with all your diamond maintenance needs.

Our dedicated diamond jewellery experts also offer professional diamond cleaning and polish. Aside from day to day care, we recommend your diamond jewellery is cleaned polished by a professional once every two years. You should also have your jewellery checked for loose prongs and wore of mountings to ensure your diamond is secure in the setting.

Types Of Diamond Care

Caring for your diamonds is important. The three important criteria in diamond care are cleaning, wearing and storing. Our simple guide will help you maintain the brilliance of your diamond and fine jewellery.


Cleaning should be a regular part of your diamond jewellery routine. To complete a proper cleaning routine with your diamond jewellery use a soft, felt-less cloth. You can purchase the cloth from jewellery stores. A specific cloth is required because other materials such as tissues or face towels can leave scratches on the jewellery.

If your luxury item is also damaged attempting to clean it can often make it worse. We suggest to take it to a jewellery professional if this occurs to limit further damage.


There is a lot of potential for surface damage when you wear your diamond jewellery. Certain tasks such as heavy manual labour, exercising at the gym or using cosmetics can lead to blemishes and discolouration on your diamond jewellery. 

For example, swimming pools are a common area where damage can occur. Swimming areas have various cleaning chemicals present in the pool or spa that can discolour or change the shape of your diamond.

To ensure your fine jewellery doesn’t get affected by daily tasks it’s highly recommended to take your item off.


When you’re not wearing your jewellery, it should be stored in a safe location. When you purchase your jewellery the case provided with it is an ideal place for storage. A fabric-lined jewel case will keep your item safe and minimises chances of surface scratches. You should avoid storing items in a large group, as they may scratch against one another.

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