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Setting The Standard For Green Coloured Stones

Emeralds are a precious gemstone that is distinguishable by its vibrant green colour. The stone has a long history, being mined as early as 1500 BC.

The emerald was cultivated during the Egyptian Empire where the infamous queen Cleopatra showed her passion for collecting the precious stone.  Since then emeralds have endeared as one of the most well-known gemstones worldwide.

Emeralds are a part of the mineral family of beryl. The stone gets their distinct green colour from exposure to the elements chromium and vanadium.

Emerald Stone Evaluation

Like diamonds, other gemstones are evaluated through their colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.


Emeralds can come in a variety of green tones and hues. The most desirable emeralds fall between a range of bluish green and pure green, with vivid colour saturation and a lighter tone.

High transparency is also essential in an emerald’s price value. The colour of the stone itself should be evenly distributed within. If a stone has too much of a yellow or blue hue, it is not considered an emerald.


Due to the harsh conditions that any gemstone is formed in, emeralds will often have inclusions and blemishes. These marks can be seen with the naked eye as well as through microscopic lenses.

Unlike other gemstones, emeralds have their way of describing these inclusions. An emerald’s inclusion is often a called "Jardin", meaning garden in French, as marks on the stone look mossy and grass-like.


When an emerald is being cut, it considers the depth of the colour, durability as well the inclusions of the stone. A quality cut emerald helps diminish the appearance of any fractures on the stone as well as enhances the colour of the gem. 

The cut of an emerald is also important in preserving its durability. Inclusions and blemishes are common on any gemstone, including emeralds. Accurate and careful cutting can prevent the stone from developing further fractures and protect its precious corners when putting into a setting.

Carat Weight

An average cut emerald stone weighs about 0.05 to 0.25 and rarely weighs more than 1.50 carats. The smallest size emerald is between 1mm to 5mm and weighs anywhere from 0.02 to 0.5 carats.

If you want an emerald centre stone 1 to 5 carats is recommended. The most expensive and luxurious emerald jewellery weight more than 20 carats.

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