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How to choose your Jeweller


We understand the concern that comes with the thrill of buying a diamond. Besides variety, price and expertise, you should look forward to other additional services from your jeweller to make the experience of purchasing diamond contented. Read on what Gem Trove offers you.



Jewellers Knowledge

Ensure your jeweller is a qualified gemologist. Besides this, he can also assist you in checking the quality of jewellery piece and be your guide in picking a right piece of jewellery.



Diamond Certificate

Ask your jeweller to provide you diamond certificates. Certificates authenticate attributes of diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) and testify a diamond's value. At GemTrove, all fine diamonds come accompanied by a diamond grading report from the most respected diamond grading labs.



Product Warranty

Ensure every purchase you're making is covered by warranty. Make sure the warranty covers your needs and manufacturing defects. Get in writing to get the promised services. Gem Trove stands behind its every product and back it by warranty. We offer the warranty that protects your product from defects in workmanship, design and manufacturing.



Personal Appraisal

Beyond attractive pricing, the jeweller must offer you an appraisal of the purchased item. An evaluation is a document that states the approximate retail replacement value of an item. This would help you in drawing an equal replacement from your insurance company in case of any theft, loss or damage of your diamond.




We manufacture products using the high-quality material and premium method of craftsmanship to make you sure you're on top of everything. Before your piece of jewellery handed over to you, the piece is reviewed several times for quality reassurance, and an appraisal is created. Your jewellery is packed in our well-designed jewellery box with all documentation and then shipped. Your order is completely insured till it reaches your door.

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