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Let her know how much she is loved and cared with a beautiful diamond necklace that has the heartening style and unparalleled craftsmanship. The beautiful collection of diamond necklaces at GemTrove has it all to express your love for her.

There are few important things you need to keep in consideration while choosing a right diamond necklace for her. First of all, you need to decide the length of the necklace and then how would you like the diamonds to be studded in that necklace. There are some jazzy necklaces that are generally worn on big occasions and special events, and sober & sleek necklaces that are perfect for everyday wear. Know more about the different kinds of necklaces to choose from.

Diamond Strands

Diamond strands are generally longer than other necklaces in length with diamonds placed at certain distances. These types of necklaces look perfect with the low neckline shirts and dresses. Since the diamonds placed around the chain are smaller in size, they aren't clustered around one another in this kind of necklaces that presents an elegant and classy look. Another benefit of diamond by the yard necklaces is that the style and design are timeless. The diamond strands are one of the must-have diamond necklace types to complete a perfect wardrobe.

Tennis Necklaces

These Necklaces come in a collection of styles including jazzy chains, braids and links. Some necklaces feature a patent set of diamonds, while other necklaces have gemstones that run their entire length. A tennis necklace has bigger diamonds around the whole necklace and the majority metal part not visible in between the diamonds. Proms and weddings are the special occasions to adorn tennis necklaces and wow everyone around

Camber Gravel Necklaces

The camber gravel style of necklaces is commonly sold in a variety of fancy colours and shapes. Obtaining the latest fashion trend, Camber gravel style necklaces exhibits different shades of a particular colour such as Dark, medium and light shades of pink diamond together in the design. These necklaces make the diamonds look like they have been clustered together one on one


Pendants are the kind of necklaces that feature jewels or charms in different shapes that are suspended from the metal chain. A heart pendant is a perfect piece of jewel for the one you love. Such types of designs allow the focus of attention to be completely drawn into the centre pendant in metal, diamond, pearl or colour gemstone. The variety of pendants can be worn with the office as well as casual attire. At GemTrove, we offer a varied range of diamond settings to customise a unique pendant with diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

Length of Necklace

Collar Length

The 12-13 inches necklace rests just above the collarbones and emphasises the wearer's neckline.


Choker Length

The 14-16 inches necklace rests just above the collarbones and emphasises the wearer's neckline.


Princess Length

The 17-19 inches princess necklace is the most common length that hangs over the collarbones.


Matinee Length

The standard length of 20-24 inches matinee necklaces enhances the beauty of the single colour dress.


Opera Length

The dramatic length of 28-34 inches and more inches opera necklace rests over the blouse or dress.


Rope/ Lariat Length

The dramatic length of 45+ inches and more inches opera necklace rests over the blouse or dress.

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