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Tungsten Education
Having an engagement or wedding band which is highly scratch resistant is a great advantage for the wearer. Tungsten is a white-grey colour metal which is very hard, strong and tenacious, and of course quite heavy in nature. Unlike Gold and other metals, tungsten jewellery does not scratch with everyday wear unless scratched with stronger metal than itself. Tungsten in Danish and Swedish language means "heavy stone." The present name for the metal is Wolfram and was founded by Peter Woulfe in 1779. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all the elements at 6,700 degrees F). Its characteristics deem it to be the hardest metal on earth. Although Tungsten's elementary use is in the mechanical industry, it is hastily gaining popularity as a durable, resilient, metal used in jewellery.
Silver Education
Popular since ages, sterling Silver is a slightly less expensive metal than gold, platinum and palladium. White-grey in colour with the properties of being softer and prone to oxidation, silver is popularly used for making earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, occasional rings and the jewellery which is not worn for longer period of time. Silver is broadly not recommended for engagement and wedding rings as it sometimes turn black in colour due to oxidation. However, silver can be easily made to look new by cleaning it with any silver metal cleaner.
Platinum Education
The most valued and precious metal of times, Platinum is a metal whose value gets upper hand with even that of Gold. Decked with refreshing silver-white colour this metal is seemingly tougher than other metals used in precious jewellery. Unlike Silver, the quality and colour of Platinum are not affected by chemicals like chlorine, detergent or bleach because it does not tarnish. A small amount of iridium is usually found in natural Platinum. However, iridium is alloyed with platinum to enhance its toughness and produce approx 90-95% pure jewellery.
Palladium Education
Beneath the underpinning rocks of Southern Montana's poised and natural landscape lays one of the world's most precious and scarce metals, Palladium. A member of platinum metal group, palladium is a white metal which share all similar chemical properties with Platinum. Slightly soft silver –white colour and undertones of grey makes it a preferred choice for making jewellery in its almost pure form i.e. 95%. Palladium is a noble metal and within the platinum group of metals and it is internationally recognised as being a precious metal.
Gold Education
The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race." A famous saying by Gerald M. Loeb is so true and apt. Why not? Since Gold is the most beautiful and legendary precious metal of all in terms of jewellery, its enigma, fascination and oddity have catered to its status of the most valuable commodity all through the history of mankind. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and several other jewellery items are fashioned from Gold. It has also been used in coinage since ages.

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