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Tahitian cultured Pearls

The Exotic Black Pearl


Tahitian cultured pearls are distinguished by their unique natural dark colour. In the pearl industry, they have been given the nickname The Black Pearl. Tahitian cultured pearls are the only naturally black-coloured pearl in the world. They are favoured for their mysterious allure and look powerful in single stone jewellery settings.

The Tahitian cultured pearl is formed in the black lip oyster, native to the French Polynesian area. Tahitian cultured pearls were once one of the rarest and valuable cultured pearls in the world. However, now that the farming of the pearls is no longer regulated they are more easily accessible.

Basic Tahitian Cultured Pearl Characteristics

Gemstones all have their way of being assessed and evaluated for quality. The Gemological Institute of America has cited 7 important characteristics of the pearl. The 7 key elements are Luster, Surface quality, Shape, Colour, Nacre Thickness, Size and Matching. At GemTrove we ensure all our Tahitian cultured pearls are high value.

Lustre: The lustre of a gemstone represents the way light reflects off the surface of the pearl. Lustre is the most important factor in pearl evaluation because it represents the unique shimmering beauty of the stone. A pearl can range from having an Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair, and Poor Luster rating. Excellent Luster-quality pearls will have bright and sharp light reflections for a mirror-like effect that’s highly valued.

Surface Quality: It’s common for any gemstone to have any blemishes. For a pearl, the surface quality can affect the maximum potential of its lustre. The fewer blemishes, the more chance light has to reflect on the stone properly. Too many blemishes can also make the durability of the pearl questionable.

Shape: The majority of pearls come in round or near round shapes. However, Tahitian cultured pearls can also appear in the drop, button and circle shapes that can make unique centre piece rings or pendants.

Colour: Despite being nicknamed the Black Pearl, Tahitian cultured pearls are more of metallic silver or charcoal colour. The pearl can also come with overtones of blue, green and lavender.

Nacre Thickness: The nacre of a pearl is the outer coatings of the stone. During its formation in a mollusc, the pearl is constantly coated with the mussel or oyster’s natural nacre. Nace thickness is important because it helps preserve the pearl’s beauty as well as its durability.

Size: The average size of a Tahitian cultured pearl is around 9.5 mm. But the stone can grow anywhere from 8 mm to 14 mm. The larger the size of the pearl, the more expensive it is.

Matching: Matching grades of a pearl relates to multi-stone jewellery settings. A quality matching grade for pearl strands means all the stones are as identical as they can be to maintain the overall aesthetic of the jewellery piece.

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