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Understand The Characteristics Of Jewellery

Elegant jewellery makes a stunning gift. Buying a piece of jewellery can be a purely visual process. But every piece of jewellery is made up of precious materials that add a variety of value. At GemTrove, we’re more than just jewellery enthusiasts. We are educated experts in diamonds, metals and stones.

Our services cover more than just sales. We have built a reputation for trust and honesty with our manufacturers and clientele. The collection of jewellery we have available is more than pretty trinkets. All our bespoke jewellery is carefully tested for quality.

Knowledge is important at GemTrove. As expert jewellers not only do we want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, we also want to help you become more informed about what you're wearing. Learn more about our in-depth service today.

All our friendly staff are available to teach you about diamonds, gemstones, metals and manufacturing. We’ll guide you through any queries you have about bespoke jewellery.

Diamond Education

Diamonds are a treasured commodity. They represent elegance, beauty and is the hardest mineral on earth. Due to its popular demand, fake diamonds are common. Through proper diamond education, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a real and fake diamond.

All our loose diamonds are tested by the renowned GIA acronym. A diamond’s value is defined by the 4 C’s. The four grading criteria stand for cut, clarity colour and carat weight.

Maintaining your diamond jewellery is also an important aspect of diamond education. The precious stone requires proper cleaning, wearing and storing to sustain its value and elegant look.

Gemstone Education

Just like diamonds, the quality of gemstones is also carefully tested. Each gemstone can be valued through 5 different characteristics. The colour, clarity, cut, size and enhancements determine the quality of a gemstone. By understanding these qualities, you will be able to identify the true value of your bespoke jewellery.

Metal Education

Gold and silver are popular metals in jewellery. But there is a vast range of other metals available. Through metal education, we can inform you about other materials like tungsten, platinum, palladium and rose gold metals. Understanding metals will help you make a more informed decision when selecting the right jewellery for yourself or a loved one.

Manufacturing Education

Creating the perfect pair of earrings or engagement ring all comes down to the hard work of manufacturers. From ethical mining, jewellery craftsmen it takes dedication to make the jewellery you wear today. Manufacturing education gives in a real insight into the construction side of jewellery making.

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