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The diamond, which has an even pattern of bright and dark areas, Scores in the top category for all grade-setting determinants.
Very Good
This diamond's grade is determined by brightness, scintillation and polish. Although no individual proportions would necessarily cause its brightness to perform poorly, the combination of this particular set of proportions leads to increased darkness in the pavilion mains.
This diamond's grade is limited by its scintillation. The Combination of a shallow crown angle and a somewhat shallow pavilion angle leads to face-up appearance with a lock of contrast and general darkness.
This diamond's grade is limited by its scintillation. In this case, the somewhat shallow pavilion angle produces dark pavilion mains.
This diamond's grade is limited by its weight ratio. Although most of the porportions for this diamond are fairly standard, the extremely thick girdle greatly increases the total depth. Therefore, this diamond's diameter is much smaller than its carat weight would indicate.

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