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Jewellery is more than just a gift. Jewellery marks milestones, achievements and special occasions. Diamond jewellery is an extravagant way to celebrate all your special moments.

At GemTrove we want to celebrate you. With our luxurious range of quality GIA certified loose diamonds, you will be able to wear your accomplishments through our engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and other bespoke jewellery.

As industry experts, we put all our diamonds through professional testing. All our loose diamonds are GIA certified. A GIA certification ensures your jewellery’s quality. GIA grades diamonds by their 4 C’s. Loose diamonds are assessed for its cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.

Quality is essential at GemTrove. We strive towards providing customers with valuable diamonds at the best and wholesale prices. As an Australian owned and operated, we have built a strong reputation in our field.

Our company directly deals with trusted manufacturers. Together we provide Melbourne clients with the best loose diamonds in our lavish jewellery.

Our work thrives on quality of the jewellery and excellent customer service. The GIA graduate gemologists at GemTrove are more than just experts. We are passionate about creating memories for your loved ones. Have our consultants find the perfect diamond for your jewellery today.

Quality Diamonds In Bespoke Jewellery

Browse our fascinating collection of quality diamonds. We curate our high-grade GIA certified loose diamonds in a variety of styles. Choose from our solitaire diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings,  earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other unique pieces of jewellery.

We also create custom pieces. During the design process collaboration is vital. The jewellery experts at GemTrove will become your designer. Decide on the perfect diamond cut, gold or platinum and style of your custom jewellery. Your designer will carefully craft your diamond jewellery to suit your taste and style.

Here are our variety of diamond Shapes available:


Round cut diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. The round cut brings out the most sparkle and brilliance in its facets. Those who choose round cut diamonds are often described as family-oriented. Women who don round diamonds on their fingers possess strong values and beliefs, as well as open and laid-back personalities.


A princess cut is contemporary and sleek kind of diamond. The square or rectangular-shape is known for its spontaneous and trendy personality.  Either square or rectangular-shaped, this diamond has pointed corners with detailed facets, both of which contribute to the diamond’s inner sparkle. Those who wear princess cut diamonds are spontaneous, trendy, and fashion-oriented. Because this shape is also known for its glittery, glitzy appearance, women who wear it are spotlight lovers and attention seekers.


An oval diamond balances classic and modern styles with its slenderising shape. Its elongated shape makes it stand out as a unique diamond cut. The oval cut diamond has a beautiful brilliance. The elongated shape accentuates the hand and provides a slenderising effect. This cut varies just slightly from the round cut diamond and is for those who like to mix classic and modern styles. Women who wear an oval cut diamond are risk takers who are not afraid to stand apart from the crowd. Although they embrace their individuality, they are also dependable and responsible people.


Marquise cut looks like an oval shape with pointed ends. It utilises its unique shape to maximise carat weight without looking too big. The Marquise cut looks like an oval shape with pointed ends. When worn as a ring, it gives an elongated, slender look to the hand, just as the oval does. It also maximises carat weight, and looks much bigger than it is; as such, it is often worn by women concerned with making impressions. Daring and adventurousness are typical qualities possessed by women who wear a marquise cut diamond.


The heart shape is a universal symbol of love. A heart-shaped diamond is a sentimental cut that makes for the ultimate romantic gesture. As the name suggests, heart shape diamond represents your true heart feelings. The unique look of the heart-shaped diamond helps make it a distinctive choice for a variety of diamond jewellery especially rings. This is the best shape to express that you are in love and vogue as well !!


Cushion cut diamonds simulate a pillow shape. The square or rectangular shape has large facets that allow for excellent light dispersion. Often found in square, rectangle shape with curved corners, this is one of the rarer shapes in diamondsThe cushion cut’s large facets allow for great light dispersion. These larger facets highlight the diamond’s clarity, so if you choose an SI clarity grade, be sure to review the clarity plot on the diamond certificate.


Pear cuts are rounded on one side and pointed on the other. It is renowned for its use in engagement rings, pendants and earrings.


Radiant cuts are an impressive kind of diamond. A radiant cut has 70 facets that have a dramatic effect when adorned with an engagement or wedding ring. Glamorously bringing out the elegance of round and emerald, the Radiant shape is both dramatic and subtle choice to ornament an engagement or wedding ring.


Trillion cuts are bold triangular cut. Just like a solitaire, it has an impressive impact when placed as a centre stone in jewellery. Curved or straight sides are a matter of personal preference, but sides should be equal and even. There are two different variations of these cuts. The curved cut used for single, centre stones, and the in-curved cut used as side stones. Often used as the side stone in jewellery, Trillion cut diamonds brilliantly embellish the fire of centre stone, and this triangular cut could make for a bold and dramatic solitaire.  Besides the trillion has an impressive effect as a centre stone in jewellery.


Our entire range of diamond jewellery boasts elegance and beauty. View our selection of Gia certified loose diamonds and diamond jewellery in-store or online. The GemTrove flagship store GemTrove - diamond wholesalers Melbourne.

Want to buy diamonds at wholesale? Talk to one of our diamond experts today. We are available via phone or email. Call us now on (03) 9663 9001 or email us at diamonds@gemtrove.com.au.

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