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all about diamonds

  • All about Diamonds

Are you planning to buy an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a pair of earrings or a fancy fully diamond covered sleeping bed (oh yes! you can buy that too) investing in the business of diamonds or simply wish to explore the world of these shining –sparkling stones?

diamond engagement ring

Here we have a few words of advice to help you before letting your hard earned money out of your Montblanc wallet 

What are diamonds?

As per the chemistry, diamond is just a matter of carbon. Indeed, a pure carbon in its most Undiffused form. Carbon is all overspread on earth but diamond itself doesn’t appear in that way. To create a real diamond, intense heat and pressure are required, the kind you will find at about 160km beneath the surface of the globe.

Notwithstanding, It is assured that the diamonds are very, means very very, old like billion-zillion years old. Just imagine when you wear a diamond necklace around your few years old necks. 

You must perhaps be wondering how these diamonds were found originally at first. Apparently, we cannot dig into 160 km of depth. Then what could have happened?? We the diamond itself came to us…. The forceful and powerful Magma eruption brought them near and approachable. The geographical movements and water exertions have also relocated, displaced and moved those diamonds thousands of km away from their real habitats, say on river beds.

Now that you know what are diamonds you must be curious to know about their origin, how they are found and how to test the quality of diamonds ?? Well, We’ll share more information on diamonds in our next blog coming soon… 



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