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Revered throughout human history, gold jewellery has maintained its popularity to this day. Famed for its unique shine and colour, gold has come to represent many things to people from all walks of life and cultures. While the metal is used for industrial and financial investment purposes too, almost 50% of all gold used is still in the jewellery sector. The most malleable of all the metals, gold has been a part of some of the most famous jewellery items on earth.

History of Gold

The earliest use of gold in jewellery has been dated back to over 7,000 years ago, where artefacts have been found scattered across the Balkans. Amazingly, Moche gold jewellery has been found in Peru dating back to around the same time, illustrating the metal’s global lure and popularity. Our infatuation with gold can be traced to the Egyptian and Roman periods, where the metal (Aurum in Latin) was regularly traded and used in various applications and rituals.

The Romans were particularly interested in the metal as a form of currency. The civilisation cut several mines, some of which are still preserved to this day, such as the huge mine at Ro?ia Montan? In Romania. The fall of the Roman Empire did not signify the end of gold as a desirable object, however, with many other civilisations continuing this obsession. The metal was still readily used in coins throughout Europe for the duration of the middle ages.

With the coming of the Discovery Age and Christopher Columbus’ famed explorations, the metal became a vital commodity for these old economies. The Spanish invasion of Aztec Mexico, Dutch bank speculation, and the wealth of the French and British were all conducted or formed by gold. The formation of the gold standard during this time furthered the rush to obtain as much of the metal as possible.

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The metal’s importance in our history is one not to be taken lightly, either. The gold rush period of the 1850’s turned the fledgeling cities of Melbourne and Sydney into truly worldly cities. Melbourne, in particular, saw two tonnes of the famed metal go through the Victorian treasury every week! When the mining output of the colonies was combined, Australia was producing more gold per capita than any other country or territory on earth,


Gold is theorised to have originated from a process following the collision of neutron stars, scattering gold dust throughout space, which then seeped into our atmosphere and further into the earth’s crust. The depth of the gold found beneath the surface indicates its age. It is also claimed that the movement of plates can create an abundance of quartz, in which the metal can be found in abundance, mined through panning.

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