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Eternal Jewellery Collection
As curators of jewellery, designers at GemTrove are enthused by the eternal, endless and everlasting creation that goes on without ceasing. Eternal by Gem Trove, by its nature is without beginning or an end and goes on continuously like an endless succession of years. Eternal is everlasting that will endure through all future time as a promise of unending life
Vintage Jewellery Collection
When the timeless diamonds are surrendered to GemTrove’s proficient artisans to stage the glamour, style and beauty of the bygone era, the exquisite Vintage Collection is laid out. Inspired by the brilliance of vintage elements, the collection is dramatic and one-of-a-kind. To bring alive the charm and sophistication of the epoch, each piece of jewellery in the captivating vintage collection is a harmonious collaboration of unique design, fine artistry, luminous diamonds and enduring metal.
Rendezvous Jewellery Collection
Comprised of never-out-of-style pieces, Rendezvous Jewellery collection is a fashion statement in its own right. Inspired by the versatility of fine diamonds, the collection manifests the timeless beauty of premium diamonds and ingenious designs in a fascinating way. Stylish and luxurious, every piece communicates distinct character to mesmerise lovers of the unique.
Harmony Jewellery Collection
Woven with style, class and sophistication, the “Harmony” collection by GemTrove is a miraculous creation to leave an indelible impression in your heart and mind. Using the intuitive and intellectual concepts and combining it with the elegance of high-quality diamonds and allure of a pure metal, the collection speaks of beauty, glamour and love in one breathe.
Medallion Jewellery Collection
A collection of magnificent pieces, Medallion by GemTrove is a dramatic interpretation of many facets of a modern-day woman that breathes modishness in an exceptionally romantic way. Illustrating exotic designs and contemporary glamour, the Medallion collection is inspired by the ethereal charm of stunning round-cut diamond that personifies beauty in all aspects. Every eclectic piece in the collection is intricately woven to bridge the gap between conventional designs and modern finesse with quality craftsmanship.
Regal Jewellery Collection
An articulate expression of a pristine art form, the Regal by GemTrove is concocted with sparkling diamonds to gift a nostalgic royal look and feel to contemporary women. Besides enjoying the splendour and enduring beauty, the collection is a quintessence of the flamboyant grace and artistic brilliance in jewellery designs. Influenced by the royal era of aristocracy and inspired to become enchanting heirloom jewellery, designs perfectly balance modern aesthetics and imperial styles.
Helix Jewellery Collection
For women, diamond-jewellery is synonym to glamour, style and romance. And to survive their glamorous love affair with enticing diamonds, the hands of master jewellers of GemTrove charted the Helix collection. Adorned with priceless gemstone rich in enduring appeal, the collection renders sophisticated interpretation of enchanting diamonds fashioned in a slender curvy style to match on-the-go lifestyle of the fashion forward modish women.
Retro Jewellery Collection
Echoing a distinct air of history, the Retro Collection by GemTrove dictates the romance and thrill of the dated period. As the glamour and glitz of passé era favoured imposing and sassy designs, artisans of GemTrove melodically crafted period inspired retro jewellery collection with alluring diamonds, pristine metal and evocative artistry to provides an escape into a world of romance and fantasy that was “larger than life.”
Jazz Jewellery Collection
As Benjamin Franklin quoted, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know oneself. “ Aware of the importance of wearing a right piece of jewellery that can make your best traits shine through, the GemTrove bring the Jazz Collection in its jewellery store. Full of mesmerising pieces, the collection with its paramount focus on running trend, not just let you define your unique personality the best, but also make you feel and look beautiful. As you take a glimpse of this line of the collection, you realise that the collection plays beautifully with bold-faced diamonds, showcasing thoughtful, artistic and emotional equilibrium in its craftsmanship; thus offering you quality jewellery, fashionable styles and gorgeous designs. The Jazz, in short, is a highly dynamic collection that promises to define your style in the best possible way!
Mosaic Jewellery Collection
Women adore pretty shiny diamonds, and the Mosaic collection expresses their same love for precious gemstones in the most novel way. Personifying the excellence in artistry, the collection is an incredible mosaic of rare brilliant diamonds having a bright touch of lustrous metal is a luminous indulgence that lends an effect of lovely spark.
Tiara Jewellery Collection
The Tiara by GemTrove is a special line of avant-garde jewellery collection, conceived to portray the inventive sensibilities of a new-age woman. Given a contemporary twist to its rich and breathtaking artistic pieces, the Tiara rejoices the vibrancy and lifestyle of the modern woman by offering her the finest jewellery collection that complements her every mood, characteristic and aspect. Inspired by the modern art to channelise the urban charm, the Tiara is highly imaginative and glamorous in its own right. With its elaborative, classy and sensual designs, every creation under the label exudes a unique sense of warmth and character to become a heart-stealer.
Dainty jewellery collection
The Dainty is unique from other jewellery collections. It is a promise to jewellery connoisseurs to reach the peak of their aspirations with its flashy designs that speaks for themselves of enduring grace and splendour. Crafted with great imagination to decipher incredible craftsmanship, the Dainty makes a curious combination of novelty, freshness and uniqueness. The treasured art of brilliant designs and fine detailing is comprehensively seen in the complete Dainty range, whether it is a diamond engagement ring, pendant or earrings.
Entice Jewellery Collection
Entice by GemTrove is quite glitzy to speak of class and stand for authenticity with its sophisticated and refined, diamond bejewelled jewellery .The whole collection is voguish and dynamic to complement the distinguished aura of the extremely smart woman of today. The vibrant Entice collection is all about an impressive array of trendy pieces, sculpted using pure metal and adorned with authentic precious diamonds to keep the trinkets tempting and engaging for young women.

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