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Diamond Engagement Ring Wholesaler in Melbourne

GemTrove lays foundation on the shoulders of skilled, educated and like-minded individuals who endure a sustainable knowledge and understanding of any gemstone, diamond or metal you can imagine. At GemTrove we help your dream come true with a customise diamond engagement rings, necklace, earrings, pendant or bracelet, created distinctively for you or your beloved girlfriend, partner or may be your sister, daughter or mom. Start now, design your piece of jewel, and see your customised diamond jewellery or engagement rings at wholesale prices coming alive in few minutes.That's GemTrove!

We are an 100% Australian Diamond Company with head quartered in Australian city of Melbourne CBD that gives our customers an advantage to view our collection of GIA certified diamonds, engagement rings and other fine jewellery pieces and see the gemmologists by appointment at our Melbourne jewellery store, where they can actually touch and feel a wide range of unique engagement rings and other jewellery before they order. We have our own manufacturing unit unlike other business houses involved in online diamond wholesale and diamond brokers melbourne based store that allows us to work on low overheads and low inventory costs and ultimately benefiting our customers with significantly reduced prices.

GemTrove is best place to buy GIA certified loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings Melbourne!!

All the diamonds come with GIA Diamond grading report includes full quality assessment of the 4Cs- Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. The report highlights the clarity characteristics of a diamond with a plotted diagram and graphically represents diamond's proportions. For the round brilliant cut diamonds falling in the color range of D-to-Z, the GIA grading report also includes a GIA Cut grade.

All our diamonds are thoroughly examined and graded and certified at the world renowned laboratories of GIA. All the diamonds you purchase from Gemtrove have GIA certificate along with a visual diagram representing the diamond's proportion. This grading certification is provided to all loose diamonds weighing 0.15 and more.Besides the grading information, the report also includes a microscopic laser inscription of the report number. 

Engagement rings

Traditionally, when a couple gets engaged the man buys the woman an engagement ring as a symbol of their love and union. If the woman accepts, she wears the ring throughout the engagement. Failing to accept the ring means that the woman declines the proposal.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring dates back to the Classical era, when there was belief to be a vein running straight from what is now known as the left "ring finger" to the heart. The most common type of engagement ring is a diamond solitaire.

It is interesting to know that, Diamonds were also thought to act as a charm to protect the woman and increase her husband's love for her.

Apart from diamond, plain bands are still worn as engagement rings by both men and women in many countries, including Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

But in most of the countries the traditional engagement rings calls for the ring to be expensive as a symbol of the man's commitment, and many engagement rings are truly impressive.


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Nick Cannon

Raj is the man for the job! His knowledge and understanding of your needs is paramount and second to none. He was excellent in assisting me with designing and producing a ring that looked simply stunning!  Everything from the first handshake to the follow up care I received afterwards was nothing short of perfection.  Will be heading back to Raj to get our wedding bands done in the future! Thanks heaps.

Nick Cannon

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