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princess cut diamonds

Princess Cut Diamonds


Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape available. The princess cut can be identified by its square profile and side-on shape similar to an inverted pyramid. The dynamic square shape has been highly regarded worldwide for its excellent fire and brilliance.

Basic Princess Cut Diamond Anatomy

A classic princess cut has 57-58 facets. Princess cut diamonds are more superior than other square-shaped diamonds because of its pyramid-like shape and angle of the crown. Because of the specific cut, a princess cut can have a higher fire and brilliance grading.

Fire and brilliance are enhanced by a princess diamond’s cut due to its pyramid shape acting like a prism. The pyramid shape is ideal for shine and sparkle.

Contrary to popular belief, the princess cut isn’t accurately square. Princess cut diamonds have L/W ratios ranging from 1.01 all the way to 1.05. The variance in symmetry maximises the stone’s shine. Sought after princess cut diamonds have a taller crown for increased light flow throughout the diamond.

Diamond anatomy has five different sections: Table, Depth, Girdle, Culet, and L/W Ratio. A typical princess cut diamond consists of the following approximate dimensions:

Table %

The percentage of the diamond that the table takes up.



Depth %

The depth percentage of the lower part of the diamond.




The ideal thickness of the diamond’s girdle.

Very Thin to Slightly Thick


Whether or not a cutlet cuts into the bottom is ideal.



L/W Ratio

The ration of the diamond’s length and width.


Pincess diamond

Learn more about a diamond’s anatomy here.

The princess cut diamond is a versatile luxury diamond. Princess cut diamonds are popular as standalone stones and also looks appealing in a combined stone setting. Due to its heightened sparkle, the stone is captivating as an engagement ring, earrings, pendents and solitaire rings.

The History Of Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds have only been around for a few decades. Arpad Nagy developed the princess cut as he wanted a square diamond that possessed incredible clarity. Since its creation it has been extensively studied for its quality as it’s only rival regarding grading is the classic round diamond.

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