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Tiara Collection


The collection that hosts style, luxury and nostalgic glamour
Crowning your head with pride
They bejewel you from each side
When they gleam and glitter with all their might
Every head will turn to gaze the sight
Our Creation
The Tiara by GemTrove is a special line of avant-garde jewellery collection, conceived to portray the inventive sensibilities of a new-age woman. Given a contemporary twist to its rich and breathtaking art pieces, the Tiara rejoices the vibrancy and lifestyle of the modern woman by offering her the finest jewellery collection that complements her every mood, characteristic and aspect. Inspired by the modern art to channelise the urban charm, the Tiara is highly imaginative and glamorous in its own right. With its elaborative, classy and sensual designs, every creation under the label exudes a unique sense of warmth and character to become a heart-stealer.

Design Philosophy

Enveloped in indigenous creativity, the Tiara by GemTrove is based on the simple ethos that woman’s jewellery says a lot about her taste and personal styling. Glowing up with a promise of elite designs, the collection is marvellous and stands out for its contemporary and chic styles. With its vivid extravagance and exclusive designs, the stunning Tiara ensures to make a dynamic influence on everyone around.
Contrived with a modern conception, the collection brilliantly displays high-quality dazzling gemstones decked in sparkling white and lustrous yellow metal to give a whole new dimension to the jewellery designs and become a remarkable & joyful symbol of perfection.
Known for its majestic patterns, flawless finish and dramatic appearance, the spectacular Tiara is doubtlessly meant to be cherished forever. The glory of the collection is exhibited in a broad range of fashionable and trendy creations, including the diamond engagement ring, earrings, pendant and bracelet. Escalate your luxurious diamond jewellery collection with the Tiara by GemTrove.

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