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Oval Cut Diamonds


Captivating Oval Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds uphold a regal appearance with its elongated shape. The design qualities of an oval cut combine the qualities of pear shape with the brilliance of a round cut. They provide a stunning and unique alternative to the traditional round shape without compromising on value.

Basic Oval Cut Diamond Anatomy

The oval cut diamond is a modified brilliant-cut. This means the oval shape upholds the conventional number of facets of other brilliant cuts. An oval-shaped diamond has 58 facets in total.

Oval cut diamonds come in a variety of narrowness and fatness. The ideal L/W ratio depends on personal taste, but the dimensions 1.33 - 1.66 L/W ratio are a popular option.

Due to such similar qualities to a round cut diamond, fire and brilliance grading is also high for oval stones. However, some oval cut diamonds can possess the bow-tie light effect. This is because of its elongated shape.

A bow-tie effect occurs when light shines through a diamond, and there is a visible dark area that resembles a male bow-tie. The grading of the bow-tie effect ranges from Invisible to Severe.

Diamonds have a distinct anatomy. The stone compromises of Table, Depth, Girdle, Culet, and L/W Ratio. Oval cut diamonds have the following approximate dimensions:

Table %

The percentage of the diamond that the table takes up.



Depth %

The depth percentage of the lower part of the diamond.




The ideal thickness of the diamond’s girdle.

Very Thin to Slightly Thick


Whether or not a cutlet cuts into the bottom is ideal.



L/W Ratio

The ration of the diamond’s length and width.


Oval diamonds

Learn more about a diamond’s anatomy here.


An oval cut diamond’s elongated shape makes it a popular choice for those who want to create the illusion of greater size. It’s common to align the specific dimensions of an oval diamond to suit the length of a finger. This is because the oval cut’s slender shape can make the wearer’s finger appear slimmer and longer.


Oval cut diamonds are commonly set in both stand-alone and combined stone jewellery. For example, an oval cut suits a setting where it is flanked by side stones but also makes for a sophisticated standalone engagement ring.


The History Of Oval Cut Diamonds


The oval cut is one of the latest shapes of diamonds. Oval cuts evolved from the marquise cut back in the 1700’s. It wasn’t until 1960 that renowned Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan refined the marquise cut, focusing on fire and light quality. Now the oval cut is one of the most popular cuts of diamonds due to its potential fire and brilliance and contemporary design.


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