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Introducing Our Eternal Collection


A collection, which is ceaseless, timeless and enduring


A sight that fills your soul with peace
Glimpse that makes you float in ocean blues
Drenched in various hues of nature
Spreads solace in every corner of life
Our creation
As curators of jewellery, designers at GemTrove are enthused by the eternal, endless and everlasting creation that goes on without ceasing. Eternal by GemTrove, by its nature, is without beginning or an end and goes on continuously like an endless succession of years. Eternal is everlasting that will endure through all future time as a promise of unending life.
Our eternal collection bestows a brilliant medley of diamonds, celebrating the alluring genre of diamonds. It is a work of art that exhibits deep affair with scintillating diamonds. Each & every piece of eternal album embraces the age-old charm of the eternal stone on this planet; diamond.
Design Philosophy
Our Design Philosophy proves that beauty only deepens with the passage of time and this passion for creating a timeless beauty inspired our designers to style this eternal collection encompassing the most enigmatic and beautiful emotions. Eternal represents intricately crafted pieces of exceptional quality and beauty that will be loved for lifetimes.
Synergies the vibrant energy of the iconic styles Eternal is the combination of bold designs and alluring sparkle that has been a resource of brilliance and a juncture for reinvention.
To keep it simple and classy, Eternal Collection especially engagement & wedding ring by GemTrove is a whisper that echoes throughout.

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