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A Comprehensive Guide To Stunning Fancy Colour Diamonds


Diamonds on their own are already an impressive stone. Set in a variety of stunning jewellery anything from a diamond engagement ring to a sterling pair of diamond earrings represent beauty and elegance.

A diamond stone is renowned for its clarity and almost transparent surface. Basic diamond colour comes in hues of yellow, with the most valuable diamond having the least amount of colour.

While colourless is usually the rarest and most valuable kind of diamond, there are also fancy colour stones that make colourful a valued characteristic.

Unlike traditional yellow or brown hue diamonds, a diamond found in any other colour is considered even rarer. Even slight tones and weak saturation of any other colour is more sought after than an almost colourless yellow diamond.

Formation Of Fancy Colour Diamonds

Fancy colour diamonds are naturally found like other diamonds. There are over 300 different hues of fancy colour diamonds with their own varying levels of saturation and vividness.

During the crystallisation of process, a lot of elements are absorbed. Certain elements can affect the colour of the diamond in this delicate stage.

For example diamonds with boron can come out on the stone’s surface with a blue or dark blue hue. Nitrogen makes a diamond have a bright yellow shade, while hydrogen can make a stone appear grey or purple.

Natural radiation, due to high temperatures and other earth compositions can make a stone green. Red and pink diamonds, on the other hand, come from structural imperfections. The only fancy colour not understood is orange, but it’s been found that these stones have traces of nitrogen in them.

Grading System For Fancy Colour Diamonds

Because of the variance in colours, grading a fancy colour diamond is different from assessing a normal diamond stone. Aside from the traditional 4 C grading system, fancy colour diamonds are also tested by their hue and saturation. An X/Y axis is used to grade the hue and saturation of a fancy colour diamond.

Value of fancy colour diamonds is not just tested by its hue, saturation and the GIA standards of colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. Due to their extreme rarity, a fancy diamond stone is also highly biased towards personal tastes. Let GemTrove find the perfect hue of fancy colour diamond for you.

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Artificial Fancy Colour Diamonds

Artificial fancy colour diamonds are stones manufactured in a lab. Various methods can be conducted through heating, irradiation, or dying that can alter the colour of a diamond. They can try and change the stone to take on the rare or stunning vibrant colours of natural fancy colour diamonds. At GemTrove we only sell natural fancy colour diamonds, free from artificial treatment, to ensure quality.

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