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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Stunning Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds is a classic shape that resembles a pillow. The “pillow” shape is defined by its square but rounded corner cut. Traditional cushion cut diamonds return light differently from modern cuts. Due to its particular shape, a cushion cut returns light in a chunkier pattern. The unique light pattern and its enlarged cutlet are favoured amongst a lot of antique diamond dealers.

Basic Cushion Cut Diamond Anatomy

A cushion-cut diamond excels every other kind of diamond in fire grading. The impeccable fire of a cushion cut diamond is displayed through the various patterns light can form due to its roundness and depth.

Cushion cut diamonds have facets that are cut into the pavilion of the shape, creating a wide variety of pleasing “crushed ice” patterns. A cushion shape has approximately 58 facets. Modern cushion cuts can have up to 64 facets incorporated into its design.

A diamond’s anatomy is defined by its Table, Depth, Girdle, Cutlet, and L/W Ratio. A typical cushion cut has these approximate dimensions:


Table %

The percentage of the diamond that the table takes up.



Depth %

The depth percentage of the lower part of the diamond.




The ideal thickness of the diamond’s girdle.


Very Thin to Slightly Thick


Whether or not a cutlet cuts into the bottom is ideal.



L/W Ratio

The ration of the diamond’s length and width.




Learn more about a diamond’s anatomy here.

The most popular length to width ratio of a cushion cut is around 1.10-1.20. Cushion-Cut benefits from its precise modification. Both the girdle and crown enhance the overall symmetry of the diamond. The modification also adds a dark moonlight alteration to the crown.

The History Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds have been around since the 1800’s. It quickly became the standard diamond cut worldwide. Worn by royalty and the general public alike, its popularity wasn’t challenged until the rise of the round diamond. The cushion cut diamond continues its popularity today as an example of traditional luxury and style.

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