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Jazz Jewellery Collection


A collection to experience the vibrant energy of the jazz age through its designs which are bold and alluring.
The sparkling gems
Come together
To dance to the melodic chimes
And take the world by a pleasant surprise
Our Creation
As Benjamin Franklin quoted, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know oneself. “ Aware of the importance of wearing a right piece of jewellery that can make your best traits shine through, the GemTrove bring the Jazz Collection in its jewellery store.  Full of mesmerising pieces, the collection with its paramount focus on running trend, not just let you define your unique personality the best, but also make you feel and look beautiful. As you take a glimpse of this line of the collection, you realise that the collection plays beautifully with bold-faced diamonds, showcasing thoughtful, artistic and emotional equilibrium in its craftsmanship; thus offering you quality jewellery, popular styles and gorgeous designs. The Jazz, in short, is a highly dynamic collection that promises to define your style in the best possible way!
Design Philosophy
Diamond jewellery speaks content about style and luxury like no other, and say it in a language that is universally understood. By incorporating the best of creativity and the newest trend in the jewellery industry in its designs, the Jazz Collection showcases breathtaking jewellery pieces that give an edge in expressing elegance, wealth and class. With an enchanting treat of warm tones of metal, engraved scintillating gemstones and excellent craftsmanship, the Jazz crosses the line of jewellery designing into art to bring great delight to its patrons.
As you browse through Jazz Collection, you are bound to get naturally drawn to its pieces. You will be impressed to know each magnificent ornament of the Jazz collection, be it necklace, ring, pendant or earring is 100 % hallmarked and concentrates on four C’s of the diamond, i.e. colour, cut, carat and clarity.  For occasions as special as anniversary or wedding and as casual as cocktail party or evening get-together, the Jazz by GemTrove brings an extensive range of flawlessly crafted jewellery.

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