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Asscher Cut Diamonds
Asscher cut diamonds are effortlessly elegant. It has a similar look to an emerald cut except it has larger step facets, dramatic cut corners and a square shape. Because of this can have a higher brilliance rating than an emerald cut.
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
A round cut diamond is the most popular shape. Round cuts make around 75% of diamond sales. Apart from its popularity, it is also a highly rated diamond. Because of the characteristics of its shape, it’s able to reflect light accurately for maximum potential brightness.
Princess cut diamond
A princess cut is a popular alternative to round diamonds. It is a favourite stone for engagement rings. This unique cut is versatile and has high brilliance making it a valuable shape for a variety of ring styles.
Emerald cut diamonds
Emerald cut diamonds are renowned for its lustrous rectangular shape. An emerald cut has less brilliance and fire than other variants due to the way light travels in its long lines. However, it is still a favourite cut type due to its unique shape.
Marquise cut diamonds
Marquise cut diamonds have a fancy gemstone cut that is long and pointed at both ends. Due to its distinct shape, it maximises the carat weight capacity as well as brilliance. A marquise cut is often set with other shapes like a round cut.
Like a pillow, cushion cuts are a refined diamond shape that combines a square cut with rounded corners. Despite its classic appearance cushion cut diamonds are one of the rarer shapes of a diamond. The cushion cut’s large facet allows for excellent light dispersion.
Radiant Cut Diamonds
Radiant cut diamonds combines an emerald and round shape. It has a rectangular top with the crown of a round cut. The dramatic cut of a radiant diamond can increase the maximum potential for fire and brilliance while also maintaining the prestige of an emerald shape.
Pear cut
Pear diamonds are a popular choice for elegant engagement rings. The combination of its round shape and pointed end make it an extravagant stone option for luxury jewellery. Valuable pear cut needs an Excellent or Very Good symmetry grading.
Oval cut diamonds
Oval cut diamond are very similar to round cuts. With its rounded shape, it has the same potential of fire and brilliance. However, it has an advantage over round shapes because of is elongated shape. Due to its features, Oval diamonds it can appear larger.
Heart cut diamonds
The heart is a universal symbol of love. Heart cut diamonds a beautiful sentiment placed in a variety of engagement rings and jewellery styles. The unique love-shaped diamond generally needs to be above 0.5 carats for its true shape to show.

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