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South Sea cultured Pearls
The South Sea Cultured Pearls are luxurious gems that are renowned for their high lustre, shiny white and silver colour as well as its bold diameters. They are produced by silver-lipped SouthSea and gold-lipped South Sea oysters. The Philippines, Indonesia and Australia are the leading sources of South Sea Cultured Pearls.
Akoya Pearls
Akoya Pearls are amongst the most superior range of the pearl family. The akoya pearl is harvested in Japan and China. The stone itself has the sharpest lustre, smooth surfaces, symmetrical shapes, as well as rare colours.
Freshwater cultured Pearls
Freshwater pearls are commonly found in China and the US. The pearl is cultured in a mussel rather than an oyster. Freshwater pearls are an elegant and affordable alternative that still has the same appearance as Akoya pearls.
Tahitian cultured Pearls
Tahitian cultured pearls are Nicknamed the ‘black pearl’. They are produced by black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera oysters, originally from the French Polynesia (Tahiti). They have a natural dark colour, covering the spectrum from dark-black to peacock green.

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