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Bracelets in different lengths and sizes are worn to adorn the beauty of hands. Whenever you buy a diamond bracelet, confirm about her choice of metals & gemstones, and measure one of her bracelets to get the correct size of her wrist.

Delicate diamonds Bracelets are generally worn on occasions when the wearer is not working with her hands. Even if she's not indulging in any work, a bracelet's proximity to hands can cause them to get banged, so it should be very durable.


Chains are the classic style of bracelets which are found in a variety of designs in chains like the wheat chain or traditional studded or not studded with diamonds, pearls and gemstones, in all kinds of metal like Gold, silver and Platinum. Get the complete metal knowledge in the metal education section.


Signifying youthfulness, charm bracelets add a unique statement to the wearer's style. Charm bracelets are worn around the wrist carrying personal "charms" decorative pendants or trinkets in diamonds, colour gemstones and pearls. Charm bracelets are completely customisable as their clasps are not included when purchased. Many options are available at GemTrove in charm designs and their anchors.


Pearl bracelets are the traditional piece of jewels. With an absolute impression of elegant classic style, a pearl strand bracelet adds a dressy touch to the ensemble, be it casual jeans or a chic cocktail dress. Pearl bracelets also go well with the traditional and formal attire.


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