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Mosaic Jewellery Collection


The Collection, which is a Mosaic of Emotions and Sensuality
Piece by piece
Stone by stone
The thing of beauty
Takes the shape of its own
Our Creation
Women adore pretty shiny diamonds, and the Mosaic collection expresses their same love for precious gemstones in the most novel way.  Personifying the excellence in artistry, the collection is an incredible mosaic of rare brilliant diamonds having a bright touch of lustrous metal is a luminous indulgence that lends an effect of lovely spark. Every piece under this label is carved with 18 karat white or yellow metal, making the Mosaic collection a cheerful choice of a new-age woman. Made magnetic with the illusive blaze of splendid diamonds, the suave and attractive pieces of the Mosaic are sure to mesmerise the fashion connoisseur in you.
Design philosophy
Jewellery holds special sentimental value in the life of every woman. We at GemTrove take pride in understanding they are emotional connect with these sparkly bits and honouring it well in our exquisite Mosaic Collection. Designed for beautiful you, so that you can flaunt your sensuality with pride, the Mosaic is a storehouse of love, passion and emotions. To keep our sparkling Mosaic engaging and winning, we incorporate the best in quality diamonds and the most appreciated artwork in our masterful creations to match up your taste and preferences. Catering to your sense of style and personality, we boast of our high valued artisan-ship that manufactures every piece as per the internationally accepted standards of jewellery designing.
Diamonds enthral almost every woman and their possession makes her feel confident and secured. Said to be an ultimate symbol of love and commitment, there would be no better option than glorious diamond jewellery to express your beautiful feelings to her, proposing her or celebrating your joyous union on your anniversary. Browse through our elite and high fashion Mosaic collection of rings, earrings, and pendants, and find the perfect diamond jewellery gift for her to make her feel loved.

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