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Setting Education
The art of securely setting diamonds or gemstones into jewellery is known as Stone Setting. Either stone setting can be a handiwork or stones can be cast in place; while the former is a work of tedious craftsmanship, the latter is usually adopted to mass produce jewellery items. When the diamonds and gemstones that have cleared our rigorous in-house laboratory testing procedures are to become a part of our jewellery, anything apart from masterful hand stone setting will not do justice to those beautiful and refined gems.
Jewellery Manufacturing
Every piece of diamond jewellery, you buy from Gemtrove is flawlessly crafted by highly skilled craftsmen to become the symbol of love that lasts forever. Our in-house design and production studio boasts exceptional facilities to ensure that each piece of diamond jewellery is impeccably done.
Facets by definition are flat faces on geometric shapes. Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them to allow them to reflect light. The art of cutting a gem is an exacting procedure performed on a faceting machine. The ideal product of facet cutting is a gemstone that displays a pleasing balance of internal reflections of light known as brilliance, a strong and colourful dispersion which is commonly referred to as "fire," and brightly coloured flashes of reflected light known as scintillation.
People usually look at diamonds as the beautiful pieces of jewellery and as a fashionable accessory of elites. But how many of you really know how diamonds are actually mined, what do mines look like and about the different types of diamond mines present. Without diamond mining, there wouldn't be diamonds so we should at least know some basic facts about universally used types of diamond mining.
Custom Made engagement ring
When two people decide to celebrate their love with the entire world, it ought to be a special day and an unforgettable moment. To make this moment the most treasured one, we aspire to create customised jewellery designs as per your taste thereby fulfilling your dream of a perfect engagement ring, wedding bands, necklaces and other diamond jewellery.

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