Harmony Jewellery Collection


Harmony Jewellery Collection


Like the sweet melody of music

Like the smooth rhyme of a poem

Here lies a calming harmony

To please your eyes and soul
Collection, which is a contemporary rendition of enduring diamonds
Our Creation
Woven with style, class and sophistication, the “Harmony” collection by GemTrove is a miraculous creation to leave an indelible impression in your heart and mind. Using the intuitive and intellectual concepts and combining it with the elegance of high-quality diamonds and allure of a pure metal, the collection speaks of beauty, glamour and love in one breathe. 
Design Philosophy
For women, jewellery is a token of status and prestige. Master artisans of GemTrove crafted a crisp and contemporary Harmony collection to hold the real spirit of the true harmony of ladies that lies in sparkly and shiny jewellery pieces. Delicate and captivating harmony collection rises above the distinction of a season, occasion and age to become an ever blooming adornment for them. Offering precision, matchless quality and flawless craftsmanship, the Helix owns a classy edge to deliver a style to fit in every occasion.
More than a jewellery collection, the Harmony is a shiny frosting, worthy of becoming an heirloom piece. When you choose from our exclusive Harmony collection, it begins a tale to be written over the years and for generations to come. By insisting on the beauty of diamonds and captivating designs, the Helix doesn’t let you settle for an ordinary selection of jewellery pieces. There are various designs and styles to choose from and add sparkle to your life.

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