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Engagement rings are the ultimate symbols of love. Propose a stunning quality diamond engagement ring from us at GemTrove. Our bespoke collection features a wide variety of diamond rings in a variety of styles.

You can spoil your loved one with a unique diamond engagement ring. Let one of our jewellery experts guide you through our vast selection of vintage, modern and designer rings.

The tradition of proposing has been around for centuries. Throughout the year's popular styles of engagement rings have changed. From regal three stone sets to the timeless solitaire, we have engagement rings available in all styles.


Share your love with a one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring. Vintage rings are all about nostalgic sophistication. As tastes continually change, ring designers experimented with different settings and diamond shapes. From intricate bands to colourful stone combinations, vintage styles are great for inspiration when looking for a unique engagement ring.  

Three Stone

Set your loved one apart with a lavish three stone engagement ring. The popular ring style is renowned for its captivating look as well as its versatility. A three stone engagement ring gives you a chance to customise the item with a unique combination of stones. Whether you want to make a striking statement with a set of 3 high-quality diamonds or have a trifecta of stones that represent certain themes or birthstones, you can customise a three stone engagement ring to accurately represent your loved one.

Pave Set

Sparkle your way into your lover's heart with a beautiful pave set engagement ring. A pave setting combines stones on the ring band to create a grandeur look, perfect for those looking for an impressive way to propose.

Tension Set

Celebrate your love with an original tension engagement ring. A tension setting has the diamond stone placed in the open of the ring, like a clamp, held in place by the pressure of the open ends. It creates an eye-catching visual illusion of a diamond floating between the two sides of the ring. Tension set engagements rings are the memorable way to express your love to your partner.

Side Stone

Put together her favourite diamonds in a gorgeous side stone engagement ring. The side stone style allows you to combine different shapes of diamonds in a variety of ways to create the ultimate engagement ring. From a round diamond gem set between pear-shaped stones, to multiple centre stones placed along a bespoke designed band, side stone styles are flexible and perfect for those looking for an extraordinary engagement ring.


Dazzle your beloved with an exuberant halo engagement ring. A halo ring features a centre diamond stone, usually a round or cushion diamond, surrounded by an array of diamond stones set in the band. Due to the diamonds on the band, it highlights the centre stone. Halo rings with double halos, floral details and pear-shaped centre stones are also becoming popular.

Classic Solitaire

Simple yet bold. The classic diamond solitaire engagement ring style has become the most popular style of ring worldwide. It showcases the elegance of a single stone for effortless grace. The simplistic beauty of this ring style means you can match your choice of diamond stone with any metal material for a luxurious look that will last a lifetime.

Edwardian Era

Get inspired by Edwardian Era engagement rings. What sets this historical ring style from other vintage pieces is in the intricate details of the handcrafted jewellery. Edwardian Era engagement rings are rich in character and grace and including playful motifs like florals, bows, ribbons and garlands that aren’t often found in modern rings.


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